About us

Miss Zanetti and her two sisters were Professional Dressmakers making Wedding Dresses, Evening Dresses, Everyday Dresses, and, alterations. She went to “School of Professional Dressmaking” to learn how to make dresses by cutting the material using a paper template at the age of 14. Some years later she qualified as a “Professional Dressmaker” and received her Diploma of Excellence in Dressmaking. The demand for dressmakers and dress alterations was very high, and work came in abundance. All three sisters had lots of work due to word of mouth and High Quality of their work. They were born in a very small village called DOLO which is just outside Venice Italy. At the age of 23, she came to England to join her two older sisters. Speaking very little English she managed to find a work in a factory on a temporary basis while her sisters carried on dressmaking.She married a British soldier in the Parachute Regiment and settled down to raise her family. Some years later, her husband got to know some Officers in the Jordanian army and became very good friends. Her dressmaking skills were put into action again by making two dresses for the Officers Wives. When she completed the dresses she then helped friends doing alterations to their dresses. After a while, she was spotted by a professional company and was asked if she would work for them, she agreed. The dresses were of very high quality and came in a variety of shapes and sizes.Now she has founded “D`Zanetti” an Online Women’s Clothing and Accessories Store and looks forward to sharing and continuing making women look their best at all times. I hope you enjoy looking at D`Zanetti store and find what you are looking for, now and in the future.